Hey Lore DiscussionAs you may know RuneScape gold

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    Hey Lore DiscussionAs you may know RuneScape gold, we are currently porting upgrading Seers' Village.The Seers do not have much lore attached to them (unless I'm mistaken) and it'd be wonderful to flesh them out a little more with this update. What are your ideas? What is their history? Where did they come from? What is the Seers Council's focus? Can they use anything to help them view the future?Thank youKelps

    So I was studying the dialogue that Vet'ion Jr. has with all the participant and it made me think about where his historical allegiances lie. His dialog is as follows: Player: Who's king and the lord of those lands? Vet'ion Jr.: The mighty heir and lord of this Wilderness. Player: Where is he? Why hasn't he? Vet'ion Jr.: I haven't fulfilled my objective. Player: what's your purpose? Vet'ion Jr.: Maybe not what is, what was. A fantastic war tore this property apart and, for my failings in protecting this property, I take the burden of its waste. I understand a part of this was in reference to LoTR but would it be incorrect to think that Vet'ion was a warrior of Zaros who failed to hold the northern Zarosian lands (the jungle ) during the god wars? Is there any extra material that may pay this? I mainly play OSRS and don't know a lot about the lore. But maybe some RS3 content could be insightful/ interesting. At least I presumed this was a interesting thing. Let me know what you think.

    With the new upgrade, we've gotten some new info on our different tiers of ores and alloys. A Number of you may have already seen buy old school rs gold, but because it's not found anywhere ingame